April Spotlight: So Last Year

I have been following SLY for a while and last October I finally got a chance to play a show with them and I was definitely impressed. For this reason they are in April’s artist spotlight! Hailing from Rochester NY, So Last Year is a pop rock band that has been tearing up the scene since 2013. In the past 6 years they have released two full length albums and most recently the single “Stay With Me (9°)”. If you are into bands such as Panic! at the Disco, Relient K, or Fall Out Boy, then this group of guys is for you.

SLY was founded by frontman Logan Van Epps who not only has an amazing voice but also a pretty nice head of hair. The rest of the band consists of Jay on Bass, Mitch on Drums, Jason on rhythm guitar, and Tom on lead guitar. When performing live, they put on a high energy and very entertaining show. It seems that as technology advances, many bands do not sound the same playing live as they do in their recordings but this is not true for So Last Year.

So aside from touring what does the band have planned for this year? According to a source close to the band (or in the band), in the near future SLY will be releasing a worship cover as well as another single. Make sure to follow them to keep up to date with their releases as well as upcoming shows.

Go check these guys out on social media and be sure to give So Last Year out a listen on Spotify or any other streaming platform!


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